Water, Power and Rationalization in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina (in Spanish)

Jorge Daniel Ivars, Water, Power and Rationalization. In the Province of Mendoza, Argentina (in Spanish). Co-published in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina by WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network (DOI: 10.5072/zenodo.294870), State University of Paraiba Press (EDUEPB) (Brazil ISBN: 978-85-7879-391-3 [print] and 978-85-7879-392-0 [E-book], CICCUS Editions (Argentina ISBN: 978-987-693-785-6 [E-book], and National University of Quilmes (UNQ), 2019.

This book is a product of WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network’s 2015 Student Prize (Doctorate).

Download it here.