Latin American Network for Academic Collaboration and Exchange for the Study of Water Management (2014)

This project aims at consolidating WATERLAT-GOBACIT’s Thematic Area 2, “Water and megaprojects”. It focuses on water use in extractive activities in Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador.

The project seeks to strengthen academic cooperation between WATERLAT-GOBACIT’s members, partner universities, and other international academic and non-academic organizations.

We expect to contribute from an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of environmental questions such as the impact of extractive activities and the use of natural resources, especially water, in Latin America.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Education of Argentina, Secretariat of University Policies (Project No. 27-53/289)


Participating institutions

  • National University of General Sarmiento (UNGS), Argentina (Coordinator)
  • Higher University of San Simón, Faculty of Agronomy, Andean Centre for Water Management and Use (Centro AGUA) and Centre for Higher University Studies (CESU), Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • University of Caldas, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Centre for Socio-juridical Research, Observatory of Environmental Conflicts, Manizales, Colombia
  • Postgraduate State University – Institute for Higher National Studies (IAEN), Quito, Ecuador


For additional information about the Project, contact the Coordinator at UNGS.