TA9 – Water and Production


TA9 contributes to the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network’s Network’s Objectives and Research Priorities.It attempts to complement the much needed critical analyses of the prevailing destructive theoretical and practical approaches to water Politics and management, with a shift in focus to address very difficult questions related to the search for alternatives to the dominant capitalist forms of appropriation and exploitation of water oriented by the primacy given to private wealth accumulation over socially-oriented objectives grounded on the principles of equality, inclusion, solidarity and the respect for trans-specific needs and rights and the preservation of life.

TA9 invites addressing questions about the crucial role of water in productive activities, including the production of food, energy or of essential basic services,
and in supporting activities like transportation of goods and people or the provision of leisure.

While most of our Network’s Thematic Areas cover many of these issues, generally exposing critical failures and denouncing injustices and structural inequalities related to these processes, TA9 seeks to explore the conditions, obstacles and opportunities that favor the emergence, development, and consolidation of alternative approaches to water-based or water-related productive human activities. This TA attempts to move beyond the inevitable criticism of the dominant socio-ecological regime threatening to destroy life in the planet and contribute to the numerous efforts made by concerned and committed social actors that continue to struggle, mostly against the odds, to construct more humane, universalistic responsible, and just socio-ecological orders.

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