ISSN: (Print) 2056-4856 ISSN: (Online) 2056-4864

General Editor:

  Jose Esteban Castro, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University, United Kingdom



The mission of the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network Working Papers is in line with the Aims, Objectives and Priorities of the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network. This includes primarily contributing towards moving forward the state of the art in the field that can be broadly defined as the political ecology of water. Traditionally water research has been the preserve of techno-scientific disciplines with scant contributions from the social sciences. The Network seeks to contribute in overcoming these gaps by focusing on water-related social processes, from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective that brings together the cultural, ecological, economic-financial, health, managerial-operational, policy-institutional, and political dimensions of water issues. Most of the published work is the product of scientific research, but we also include contributions from other knowledge sources, such as the work carried out in public institutions or civil society organizations.

General Characteristics

  • All issues are published online, and some issues are also published in print.
  • The periodicity of publication is regular, and is organized in annual volumes that can have a variable number of individual issues.
  • The Working Papers are published in any of the three working languages of the Network, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Published papers are selected by the editorial team. In most cases, authors are invited by the editors to submit original work based on research reports, postgraduate dissertations, papers presented at academic events, and similar sources. Authors’ Guidelines are provided, including formatting details for the text and the style of bibliographic references. The submissions are subject to evaluation and revision by an international and interdisciplinary team of editors and reviewers. The papers published have date of reception and acceptance.
  • The Working Papers publish collections of individual papers organized around a common theme, and special issues coordinated by invited editors.
  • The length of the publications is variable, from short-articles to long papers presenting detailed research results.
  • The format of the publications is also variable. Most published work are Articles, but we also publish Notes, Photographic Essays, Reviews, occasional translation of original Articles from other languages, among other.
  • In addition to text and conventional additions such as Tables, Charts, or Images, the publications may also include videos, audio, and photography.