TA2 Working Papers

TA2 has a dedicated Series of the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Working Papers: Thematic Area Series, TA2 Water and Megaprojects.


Water, megaprojects, and epistemological violence. Edited by A. Latta and V. Ibarra, with articles by R. Larsimont, J. D. Ivars, A. Zhouri, G. A. Muñoz Gaviria, and A.C. Gomez Fuentes.Vol. 2 No 2, July 2015,Download it here.


Resistances and self-management against the dispossession of water and territory in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Jalisco, Mexico: achievements and challenges. Edited by A. Poma and T. Gravante, with articles by J. Regalado, L. Santana Belmont, A. G. H. Hernández, S. Herrera Rivera, A. Ramos and J. Casillas.Vol. 2 No 18, December 2015. Download it here.


Infrastructure projects, hydrosocial conflicts, and territorial politics in Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. Edited by G. A. Rausch, E. Gomes de Souza Junior, and S.Texeira, with articles by F. A. Pizarro, A. Garcia-Carmona, and J. Gonzaga Valencia Hernández.Vol. 6 No 4, December 2019. Download it here.


Public Participation in environmental impact assessments. Experiences from Brazil. , Edited by E. Gomes de Souza Junior, and S.Texeira, with S. Rangel de Souza Miscali, R. Carvalho, I. R. Araujo, F.dos Santos Oliveira Souza, N. dos Santos Silveira, N. Araujo, L. F. Novoa Garzon, E. Mateus Moretto, A. F. Barbieri, S. Sayuri Mandai, C. Rodrigues da Costa Doria, I. Rechetnicow Alves Sant’Anna, D. Maimoni de Figueiredo, D. Fernandes Calheiros, C. Vailant, I. Leite de Oliveira, S. de Oliveira Pains, L. Auxiliadora da Silva Dionel and S. Kimie Ikeda-Castrillon. Vol. 8 No 3, September 2021.Download it here.

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