Thematic Areas

Currently the Network has 10 Thematic Areas (TA) in different stages of development. Some of the TAs have their web pages with information about their activities, membership, and production. TAs have also a dedicated Series within the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Working Papers, where members and invited authors publish their work in progress. TA’s also have their Playlists in the Network’s Youtube Channel, containing interviews with members, videos of sessions organized at the Network’s regular meetings, videos from research activities including interviews, field visits, and other materials. The Network’s Flickr photostream also contains several albums related to TA activities, whether specific to the individual TAs or shared with others TAs.



Thematic Area (TA) 1 – X-disciplinarity in Research and Action

Thematic Area (TA) 2 – Water and Megaprojects

Thematic Area (TA) 3 – The Urban Water Cycle and Essential Public Services

Thematic Area (TA) 4 – Transboundary Waters

Thematic Area (TA) 5 – Water and Health

Thematic Area (TA) 6 – Hydrosocial Basins, Territories, and Spaces

Thematic Area (TA) 7 – Art, Communication, Culture, and Education

Thematic Area (TA) 8 – Water-related Disasters

Thematic Area (TA) 9 – Water and Production

Thematic Area (TA) 10 – Water and Violence