TA4 – Working Papers

TA4 has a dedicated Series of the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Working Papers: Thematic Area Series TA4 Transboundary Waters.


Transboundary Water: cooperation and conflict at different levels of government (in English, Portuguese, and Spanish). Edited by W. Costa Ribeiro, with articles by N. Valencio, A. Valencio, M. I. Andrade, F. Mello Sant’Anna, P. C. Villar, C. Filippon, M. de Paula, W. Costa Ribeiro, A. G. Yahn Filho, M. L. Brzezinski, M. Coeurdray, J. Cortinas Munoz, and F. Poupeau.

Vol. 2 No 3, July 2015, Download it here.


Politics and Transboundary Waters: Experiences from Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Uruguay(in Portuguese, and Spanish). Edited by W. Costa Ribeiro and F. Darre Barbosa, with articles by L. P. Batista da Silva,M. de Paula, M. C. Oliveira, W. Costa Ribeiro, G. Hatch-Kuri,S. Schmidt Nedvedovich, J. J. Carrillo-Rivera, and P. Inacio Junior.

Vol. 8 No 4, December 2021, Download it here.

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