Institutional Members

Our institutional members include academic entities, labour unions, community organisations, among other. We list them here in alphabetical order.

Alma Azul (SC). Concepcion, Paraguay. Contact: Elida Villalba Vargas, President. Click to E-mail.

Agua de Oro Neighbourhood Union. Agua de Oro, Sierras Chicas, Cordoba, Argentina. Contact: Carlos Guillot. Click to E-mail.

Capacity Development of Water and Environmental Services (CADWES). Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Tampere, Finland. Contact: Tapio S. Katko. Click to E-mail.

Centre for Political Research and Studies (CIEP), University of Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact: Felipe Alpízar Rodríguez, Director. Click to E-mail.

Costa Rica’s National Council of Rectors (CONARE), Water and Sanitation Commission (CAS). Pavas, Costa Rica.

Community Development Councils, San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala. Contact: Nancy Graciela González Cortez. Click to E-mail.

EMCALI Labour Union (USE), Municipal Public Services of Cali. Cali, Colombia. Contacts: Carlos Mario Sandoval Cardona, USE’s Secretary Click to E-mail, and Belisario Betancur Herrera, USE’s Delegate Click to E-mail.

Postgraduate Programme in Geography, Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES). Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Contact: Antonio Celso de Oliveira Goulart. Click to E-mail.

Free Chair of Community Engineering (CLIC), Faculty of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Buenos Aires, Argentina. Contact: María Eva Koutsovitis. Click to E-mail.

Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. Contact: Ivete Jurema Esteves Lacerda, Interim President. Click to E-mail.

National Association of Costa Rica’s Public and Private Employees (ANEP). San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact: Albino Vargas Barrantes, General Secretary. Click to E-mail.

National University of Costa Rica (UNA), Interdisciplinary Programme for Water Research and Management (PRIGA). Heredia, Costa Rica.

Network on Natural Goods and Human Rights (RED). Kaminal Juyú, Guatemala City, Guatemala.Contact: Camilo Salvadó Mijangos,Project Co-ordinator. Click to E-mail.

Public Services International (PSI), Sub-region Mexico, Central America, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Heredia, Costa Rica. Contact: Oscar Rodríguez León, Subregional PSI Secretary. Click to E-mail.

Study Group on Water Rights (GEDA),Postgraduate Programme in Environmental Law (PPGDA), Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM). Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. Contact: Erivaldo Cavalcanti e Silva Filho, Representative. Click to E-mail.

University of the Valley (UNIVALLE), Institute for Research and Development in Water Supply, Environmental Sanitation, and Water Resources Conservation (CINARA). Cali, Colombia. Contact: Miguel Peña Varón. Click to E-mail.