TA3 – Urban Water Cycle and Essential Public Services


TA3 originated from the work of a group of researchers that started the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network through their participation in a number of collective and individual projects. These included monographic studies of social struggles over the access to water in urban areas of Latin America (Castro, 1992, 2006; Swyngedouw, 1995, 2004). Another project involved the participation of researchers in studies of water management in Europe and the Middle East (METRON Project, 1998-2000), which produced important contributions to the political ecology of urban water (Swyngedouw et. al., 2002). A founding project for TA3, and for the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network, was PRINWASS, a study of privatization policies in Africa, Latin America and Europe (PRINWASS, 2001-2004), which produced a series of publications of members of the Network and external collaborators (see among other, WATERLAT-GOBACIT Network Working Papers: Castro, 2014b and c). After the conclusion of PRINWASS in 2004, a group of the project’s researchers decided to create the GOBACIT Network, which later would become WATERLAT-GOBACIT. TA3 grew over the next few years with the incorporation of new researchers, students, public sector specialists, and representatives of social organizations, labour unions, and other civil society groups, especially in Latin America and Europe. This generated new collaborations, which included a number of publications with chapters and articles from members of TA3 and invited collaborators in books (Castro and Heller, 2009; Heller and Castro, 2013; Castro, Heller and Morais, 2015), special journal editions (Castro and Lacabana, 2005; Castro, Heller, and Drakeford, 2007; Castro and Ruiz, 2009; Castro, Heller and Morais, 2013; Moraes, Beretta, and Zanta, 2013; Santos, Moraes, and Gomes de Pinho, 2012) and WATERLAT-GOBACIT Working Papers (Castro et. al., 2013; Castro, 2014a). Recently, TA3 contributed to the Network with two international research projects, DESAFIO (2013-2015) and UrbanRain (2014-2017). DESAFIO has already produced 10 issues of the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Working Papers (Vol. 2, No 6 to 16, which can be consulted in the Working Papers web page).  

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