TA9 – Working Papers

TA9 has a dedicated Series of the WATERLAT-GOBACIT Working Papers: Thematic Area Series, TA9 Water and Production. It has also published issues of the Working Papers jointly with other Thematic Areas on topics of common interest.


Community experiences in water management: social innovation, participatory science, and dialogue of knowledges (articles in Spanish). Joint issue with Thematic Area 3 TA3 – Urban Water Cycle and Essential Public Services. Edited by Jaime Paneque-Galvez, and Marcela Morales-Magana, with Alejandra Moreyra, and Pablo Walter.

Vol 6 No 2, June 2019,Download it here.


The Agrarian Question and Water in Brazil (2011-2018) (articles in Portuguese). Edited by O. Aly Junior, G. da Silva Teixeira and T. J. Alves dos Santos Ramos in partnership with the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), Brazil’s Episcopal Conference (CNBB), and the Brazilian Association of Agrarian Reform (ABRA), with support from the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.

Vol 8 No 1, March 2021.Download it here.


Public-private transgressions in water-related public policies and their impact on hydrosocial spaces, territories, and basins. Lessons from Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico (articles in Spanish and Portuguese). Joint issue with Thematic Area 6 TA6 – Hydrosocial Basins, Territories, and Spaces.Edited by J.E. Castro, with articles by L. Romero Navarrete, A. Rodriguez Sanchez, N. Dias Tadeu, A. C. Sanches Baptista, I. Penha de Oliveira Santos, and R. Larsimont.

Vol. 9 No 2, June 2022. Download it here.

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